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Charlotte Crosby lost 2.5stone training with David, MTVs The Charlotte Show, Just Tattoo of Us, Ex on the Beach & Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Bother Winner, x2 No.1 Selling Fitness DVD, x1 Platinum Record Breaking DVD

Charlotte lost 7.5lb in 6 days using IN10SITY

“Training with David is amazing! He makes every session fun and different…which makes getting fit and losing weight fun! David is the only person who I have ever actually seen results with and he has been great at giving me advice on my diet!”

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Scarlett Moffat, lost 3st training with David, No.1 Fitness DVD, CH4 Goggle Box, Saturday Night Takeaway & ITVs I’m a Celebrity Winner.

Scarlett lost 7lbs in 7 days using IN10SITY

“David helped me see training as fun rather than torture, every session is different and the meals actually tasted really nice. If I can do it anyone can do it!”

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Vicky Pattison lost 3st for her No.1 7 Day Slim DVD with David and her trainer Robbie, MTVs Geordie Shore & Ex on the Beach & ITVs I’m a Celebrity Winner.

Vicky lost 6.5lbs in 6 days using IN10SITY

“I absolutely loved training with David. Not only did he have the knowledge and expertise to help me lose weight and tone up quickly he was so motivational! Working out with him didn’t feel like a chore – we were constantly bantering and the time flew over! I love him!”

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Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer lost 17lbs in 10 Days & her PA lost 10lbs using IN10SITY
“I have just finished the 10 day detox plan I have lost an incredible 17 pounds and inches from my waist and hips the results speak for themselves the plan is easy to follow – it’s not easy but it gets easier and with David’s help and support it’s clear to see why he’s the best In the industry.

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Lauren fitness results

Lauren Goodger, lost 3st for her Fitness DVD & 6lbs in 5 days using IN10SITY
“I’m really happy with my weight loss as I usually struggle with yoyo diets and this was just the boost I needed. David has also showed me how food can be both healthy and tasty.”

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Aaron Leonard
“I have been training with David now since the beginning of the year and in this time he has helped me to lose 4 and a half stone which I lost over 5 months and am still losing weight now. I have now been able to build my fitness up to a level and lose enough weight where I have now been offered a job in the army which at the beginning of the year seemed impossible, the food plans have been amazing and the sessions are always great fun, thanks for all your support David and helping me reach my life goal”

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“This email is just to say a massive thanks! I get married on Thursday and within those last 10 month I have lost 6 stone 12 pounds!!! I could not have done that if it was not for you! I’m not exactly where I want to be but I am happy to be getting married like this and I’m sure even after the wedding i will continue to lose weight, I will never go back to the way I was because I understand food now, I understand what I ‘need’ as opposed to what I ‘want’!”

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Terry Dunsford

“I just have to say though David that I thought I would be the one who wouldn’t lose as much as I’ve been dieting for so long and did think if I could lose about 4lbs I’d have been pleased. So to lose 8lbs was just amazing. Even at my age, with my chronic joints, the workouts were fantastic, a huge challenge, but do-able.”

Caroline Hills

“Yet another amazing IN10SITY 10 Detox I lost 8lbs 3″ from waist, 2″ from hips, 1″ from bust, 1/2″ off arm, leg and calf. Since my first detox in November last year and this new one I have lost 39lbs (2st 11lbs) and I have maintained it for 3 months. This has been the best weight loss program for rehabilitating my mind and body – believe me I have done every diet and never maintained it for this long thank you.”

Karry Aird

“Just weighed in, start weight was 10st end weight 9st 6lb lost 8lbs! Waist lost 3 inches. Hips lost 2 inches. Thighs lost 3 inches. No change on calf. Pleased with that. Great start to losing my baby weight. Thank you David. Well done everyone else.”

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Amanda Thornton

“I took part in the 1st round of In10sity and wow was I amazed at the results in such a short time! In just 10 days I lost a total of 8lbs and 6inches. Smashed my target of 5lbs. I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to follow – the 10 min exercises were intense but very effective – sweated loads in such a short space of time!”

Emma Pyle

“Just want say thank u sooo much to in10sity fat loss. Lost inches in places I didn’t know I had too. Loved the food and enjoined every min of the exercise!!! Highly recommend! Lost -7.25″ / -18.5cms + 6.6lbs of body fat!”

Donna Shiels

“Eeee I’m so excited I’ve lost 9.5lbs, 2.5″ off my chest, 2″ off my waist and 2″ off my hips. I can’t believe the weight has come off. I’m trying on clothes I haven’t been able to wear for ages it’s amazing. Could you let me know about your maintaining programme because I really want to try and keep this off. Thank you so much.”

Jillian Potts

“In just 10 days I have lost 8lbs but not only that I feel so much more toned and less wobbly lol. I have dropped a dress size and now much closer to my goal weight then I was 10 days ago. I still have a long way to go but I know have more confidence that I can get there.”

Lynn Peel

“Having been to David’s FitCamps I didn’t think 10 mins exercise twice a day would do any good and wouldn’t be very difficult – how wrong I was!! Yes the exercises are tough but it’s only ten minutes. The nutrition is great and you’re given choices to mix n match. By midway, you’re flying. Having lost 11lbs and 12cms the results speak for themselves. I will definitely be doing this again. Tips: find a nice tasting green tea and protein powder!”

James Pattison

“When I started this I thought, here we go, I’ve done these before, I’ll be craving, climbing the walls and it will be another crash diet, how wrong I was, it’s the simplest, easiest program I’ve ever followed, the food is really good, well balanced and nice! The videos are varied and professionally done, I’ve told everybody I can about this, it’s the best I’ve ever done – if you want to lose weight and have a little dedication give this a try, it’s as simple as that!”

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Amanda Ross

“Finished my 10 day IN10SITY workout and nutrition programme..I have lost 6.5lb and 5.5inches..the meals are delicious and workouts fantastic…this is the 2nd time I have done IN10SITY…defo won’t be my last!..A huge thank you to David Souter for introducing me to his awesome programme.”

Donna & Tony Smith

“Tony has lost 7lbs in 4 days, I have lost 4lbs and both feeling so much better! Finished and I lost 6lbs & 4 inches and Tony lost 11lbs & 5 inches!”

Kelly Scott

“I would totally recommend the in10sity 10 day detox it has worked for me twice so far! 7lbs first time 10lbs second time and now onto third go! Thanx David for showing me you can lose weight by eating really nice food!”

Nikola Smith

“I’ve had 4 children the youngest being 8 months old & I needed to try getting some form of my body back. I’m so impressed with the 9lbs weight loss over 10 days & the 2-3 inches all over. I want to do more to give me body confidence which at the moment is zero. Thanks David, I’m well impressed. Can’t wait to do more.”

Paula Dryden, Fitness Trainer

“I lost 3st after having my 3rd baby, my weight was been up and down losing a couple of pound here and there! Then I got introduced to David and after a couple of his classes decided to give In10sity a try. I’m glad I did – 9lb off in 10 days I couldn’t believe it!! It’s made me look differently at food now! It was so easy to follow and will definitely be keeping up my new healthier lifestyle!!!”

Faye Parker

“I just almost danced round the gym when I weighed myself – 8.5lbs & 8.5 inches lost I don’t actually think the after photo is showing how defined the top of my abs are – they look much better in real life. 76kg has been my target weight since I gave birth almost two years ago and this is the first time I’ve hit it even after juice fasting etc. I can’t wait to start the monthly plan!”

Julia Corner

“I have just finished my 10 day plan and have to say it was the easiest plan I have ever followed. Workouts were tough even though they were just 10 mins long. I have never felt so good so much energy and full of life. The best part of all is I have lost 9lb and will continue to eat healthy this is just the start of a leaner me. Thankyou x”

Ruth Day-Auld

“The plan was simple to follow and by day 3 I was feeling great, my skin was better, I was sleeping like a baby and I had so much energy. The 10 min exercises are fab and having David doing them along side you on the lap top keeps you focused. I sneaked in a weight check on day 8 (I don’t normally as I get disheartened) but…… I’d lost 8lbs massive incentive to continue. I completed the 10 days with my final results being 9 lbs and 8 inches 4 of them off my waist. The plan is so easy to follow and gives so many variations to each meal so I was never stuck, I loved the fact you know every day what to eat and when to eat it. This stopped me stacking my plate, saying this I was never hungry during the 10 days nor did I feel deprived. I’ve also learned from this plan what different carbs are and when to have them, so a lifestyle change learned and one that I’m sticking to.”

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Ali Thain

“Final weigh in I have lost 8lbs, an inch and a half of my waist and an inch off my hips and bust, have been trying for a while to get back under 9st, now well under thanks David. Just need to keep it off now.”

Paul West

“I’ve just done David’s IN10SITY 10 day detox. I’m a 49 year old guy and lost 9lb…don’t think about it – do it!

Elaine Algerra

“First time Doryan has been in the 180lbs since he was in the United States Marine Corps….and he still has 3 days to go! I lost 8lb and I’am back in all my pre pregnancy clothes. I’ve dropped a clothes size. I’m going to keep on going as I still want to lose/ tone more. The workouts are great, I really enjoyed the format, how each day is different. I tried the 30 day shred before and that bored me as it was repetitive. The menu plan was easy to follow and involved very little food prep, great for a full-time working mother of twins! I also like how the mood of the work outs is upbeat. Thanks David!”

Fiona Jardine BSc Sports Therapist

“I completed the in10sity programme and was amazed at the results – I have always struggled to get past a weight barrier and often gain the weight after most programs – in10sity was incredibly simple for me to follow and fitted in with my work and life balance too! With the program I lost 12lbs and 4″off my waist – and it’s still off! Even after the Christmas period! The eating plan is great for educating people about food groups and Davids support and motivation is excellent! I highly recommend the program to not only shift some excess pounds but to tone up and educate about the right eating habits!”

Emma Reay

“Well day 10 and I have lost 8lbs in total and 20cm! You know me I don’t do diets and eating plans but this was a great kick start to detoxing and feeling healthier. I love the 10 minutes exercises, if only your FitCamps went over that quick! Feel focused now not to go back to too many of my old habits. Thanks Emma.”

Carl Burton

“Hi David, weighed my self yesterday (day 6) 10lbs total lost so far mate. Quick update just weighed myself and I’ve lost a stone since I started last Sunday! Final weight in and I’ve lost 1st 1lbs in 10 days! Unbelievable so happy!”

Vicki Dixon

“I’ve lost 8lbs in total, 2 inches from waist and hips and 1 inch from chest. Tried a few times with different diets to shift that last half a stone, so thank you David!”

Janet Ewens

“Hiya, just to let you know my husband has lost 21lb following your 10 day detox and maintenance plan, he is amazed at how easy it has been just changing his eating habits AND that’s without doing any of the workouts! !!! He is one happy bunny!!! I’ve lost a stone and am now working on the next stone! Thank you so much, the whole programme is fantastic and so easy to follow.”

Victoria Hawkins Emmerdale, TV & Stage Actress

“lost 8lbs on IN10SITY – I loved training with David, his exercises were fun and unique and his experience and knowledge is second to none. I would recommend IN10SITY to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and have fun all at the same time, I now look forward to working out!”

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