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The New Online Workout & Nutrition Program That’s Taking The UK By Storm!

If you have a spare 10 minutes twice a day then IN10SITY is the workout program you have been waiting for! Amazing results with everyone who has followed the program – all for less than the price of 1 personal training session! Workout 10 minutes twice a day with David anywhere, anytime and follow the nutrition plan and watch the weight & fat drop off!

Fitness Trainer
The IN10SITY Program

Eat more / train less
No starvation diets, pills or crazy potions
Suitable for all ages and abilities
Exercise options for beginners
Beginner, intermediate & advanced systems on the 30 day plan
Safe for breast feeding mothers
Options for vegetarians
Never workout for longer than 10 mins (10 Day Plan)
Never workout for longer than 30 mins (30 Day Plan, advanced)
24/7 access anywhere lap top, PC, tablet, phone or interactive TV
Mobile friendly
Online Support – Facebook Group
Motivation and encouragement
Comment and interact with other members
Share tips and advice
Contact David or one of his coaches direct
MAXit & Tri-Metrix workouts include HIIT, combat, conditioning, flexibility and strength training
Continuously updated workouts

The IN10SITY Meal Plans

4 Day Fix – Quick short kick start if you fall off the wagon or have came back from a holiday/Xmas and need a quick fix to get back in the game.
10 Day Detox – The body (liver and kidneys) is the only thing that can detox you, but certain foods can help the liver and kidneys work more effectively – mean more toxins are released. Still lots of food to eat and choose from.
10 Day IN10SITY4Men – Similar to the 10 Day Detox but with larger portion sizes and higher protein quantity.
30 Day Lifestyle – A sustainable plan which includes treats and cheat days plus you will learn how to design meal plans yourself with this easy guide

Drop 10lbs In 10 Days With 10 Minute Workouts!

Have You:

  • Tried to lose weight and failed, or even lost weight only to put even more back on?
  • Joined a gym but weren’t sure what to do and didn’t see any real results?
  • Tried fad diets only to feel bloated, staving and lacking energy?
  • Crave sugary foods and fizzy drinks?
  • Find it hard to get to sleep and then to wake up?
  • Felt overwhelmed by all the new and conflicting diets/workouts hitting the media?

Do You:

  • Find yourself too busy to workout or get to the gym due to work/kids?
  • Feel there is not enough time to cook and prepare crazy healthy meals?
  • Want to be able to workout fast, anywhere anytime?
  • Want an easy to follow simple meal planner?
  • Want to see immediate results by day 4/5???
If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, Then This Is The Program For You!

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Lost 6 stone 12 pounds

“This email is just to say a massive thanks! I get married on Thursday and within those last 10 month I have lost 6 stone 12 pounds!!! I could not have done that if it was not for you! I’m not exactly where I want to be but I am happy to be getting married like this and I’m sure even after the wedding i will continue to lose weight, I will never go back to the way I was because I understand food now, I understand what I ‘need’ as opposed to what I ‘want’!”

Aaron Leonard
Lost 4 stone 7 pounds

“I have been training with David now since the beginning of the year and in this time he has helped me to lose 4 and a half stone which i lost over 5 months and am still losing weight now. I have now been able to build my fitness up to a level and lose enough weight where I have now been offered a job in the army which at the beginning of the year seemed impossible, the food plans have been amazing and the sessions are always great fun, thanks for all your support David and helping me reach my life goal”

Lynn Butler
Lost 2 stone 1 pound

“12 weeks (8.5lbs lost in first 10 days) on IN10SITY 10 Day Detox & Lifestyle Plan and I’ve lost just over 2st! Feel amazing. Loved the exercises and never struggled with the diet plan! I would recommend IN10SITY to anyone. I complained about putting weight on, but did nothing about it. Now wouldn’t look back. IN10SITY has changed the way I eat and think.”