Ruth Day-Auld

10 Day Detox

The plan was simple to follow and by day 3 I was feeling great, my skin was better, I was sleeping like a baby and I had so much energy. The 10 min exercises are fab and having David doing them along side you on the lap top keeps you focused. I sneaked in a weight check on day 8 (I don't normally as I get disheartened) but...... I'd lost 8lbs massive incentive to continue. I completed the 10 days with my final results being 9 lbs and 8 inches 4 of them off my waist. The plan is so easy to follow and gives so many variations to each meal so I was never stuck, I loved the fact you know every day what to eat and when to eat it. This stopped me stacking my plate, saying this I was never hungry during the 10 days nor did I feel deprived. I've also learned from this plan what different carbs are and when to have them, so a lifestyle change learned and one that I'm sticking to.