Get Fat to Lose Weight!?!

We have all done it, yes even you - and especially YOU!

YOU know who you are!

You're out of shape, feel like crap and FAT! So you decide to change things - good for you. First thing Monday the new clean eating diet starts. Join a gym or a class. New Year New You and all that balls!

So what do you do the night before the diet starts - remember you are ALREADY in need of this diet, you over indulged and had a great Xmas and New Year but the pants are tight, you hate looking in the mirror and you feel like you never want to get out of bed or leave the house! Come on what do you do the night before the diet starts...?

Thats right, lets get a takeaway...oh go on then get a bottle of wine too, lets finish the Quality Street off, (how many of you have actually ate a full meal while standing at the fridge over Xmas - I have and we all justify it with 'diet starts tomorrow/nexy year' - yeah you did it, how many times last year, how many times already this year??? Also how many times did the diet NOT start tomorrow??? Or did you push it back a week, then another week, bet you still had those huge splurge days before the never starting diet starts???

So you're in a bad position already, you haven't even started the new diet plan and what do you do, you make it even harder for yourself...

You now have more weight to lose!
You have increased your cravings for bad food!
You're now heavier and more sluggish for when you eventually hit the gym!
You have decreased your chances of staying on the new diet plan before you even start it!!!
You know I could go on and on, and I'm not telling you anything you don't know, this is all just basic common sense...

Sooooo... do yourself a favour tonight or whenever the diet starts, think about why the diet must start tomorrow, think about all the poor food choices or the delicious food choices that have increased that waist band and don't let yourself down and try and justify that its ok to have one more splurge - it really isn't!

If you want my advice, don't diet. If you have been eating and drinking crap with minimum exercise for weeks then just by eating normal the weight will drop off, then after a few weeks look at portion control, reduce your calories (amount of food) by 15% and you will see a significant weight loss that will stay off and you will be able to maintain it - DON'T go crazy with starvation diets or crazy pills and potions or hit the gym 3 times a day - this will absolutely throw you back to where you bagan sitting on the sofa eating ice cream.

But remember diet starts TOMORROW!