10 Day Detox

28 Unique & Super Effective Workouts to Choose From

Created by Award Winning Fitness Trainer David Souter

The Exercise Choreographer from

Scarlett Moffatts' Super Slim Me - No.1 2017

Vicky Pattisons' 7 Day Slim - No.1 2014


Vicky bookVicky Pattison - Slimmer of the Year 2014
7 Day Slim DVD - lost 3st
Geordie Shore & Ex on the Beach
ITV I'm A Celebrity Winner 2016

“I absolutely loved training with David. Not only did he have the knowledge and expertise to help me lose weight and tone up quickly he was so motivational! Working out with him didn’t feel like a chore – we were constantly bantering and the time flew over! I love him!”

 10 DAY DETOX & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: 12 Days Access...

  • 10 Day Detox Instruction Guide
  • X22 online 10 minute IN10SITY workout movies 
  • Including x2 beginner workouts
  • X2 Warm up movies
  • 10 Day Meal Planner (including 100’s of food options)
  • Shopping List
  • Calorie Blast Formula
  • V.I.F. Varied Intermittent Fasting
  • BONUS - Fitness Challenge Workout 1
  • BONUS - X2 IN10SIFIER 100 second workouts
  • BONUS - X3 10SION workouts – shape lift and tone the abs, bum & thighs
  • BONUS - weekly recipes, challenges, incentives and motivational tips
  • BONUS - 15 foods that burn fat and give you energy
  • BONUS - Special incentive program to maintain your weight/fat loss

I lost 8.8lbs and loved the workouts, didn’t think 10 minutes would be enough – I was wrong they totally work, can’t wait for the next 15 Day Fat Loss Program. – Lorna Wrightson



I have used what I call ‘Calorie Blast Formula’, you see some calories ignite what I call “Calorie Blast” while others are plain “Calorie Blast Zero’s.”

Up to 30% of the calories you eat from certain foods with a high Calorie Blast will practically vanish after eating them because your body uses lots of calories to digest certain foods (but not all foods).

So, if you eat 1,000 calories of certain belly-flattening foods, your body will only register 700 of them. This means you just ate 300 FREE CALORIES! But do all foods do this? No! With the “Calorie Blast System” you’ll be able to ignite your metabolism by eating MORE food to lose MORE fat.



  • Denise Peffer lost 13.9lbs
  • Amanda Bootaholic Thornton lost 8lbs & 2 inches off waist
  • Fioan Kennedy lost 9lbs
  • Karen Phillips lost 10lbs
  • Andrea Atkinson lost 12.5lbs
  • Karry Aird lost 8lbs & 3 inches off waist
  • Michelle Dodsworth lost 6.5lbs
  • Alison Thain lost 8lbs & 4cms off waist
  • Vicki Dixon lost 8lbs
  • Donna Owens lost 7lbs in 7days & 5.5cms off waist
  • Julie Walmsley lost 7.5lbs & 7 inches (3 off just the waist!)
  • Lisa Lay lost 7lbs & 5 inches
  • Fiona Irvine lost 10lbs
  • Louise Charlton lost 6lbs & 6 inches
  • Lynne Gough lost 7.5lbs

These are all real results, the above are all on my facebook friends list – check out the IN10SITY Facebook page for confirmation